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The need for regional collaboration

This network came together because of the growing interest in restoration of blue carbon habitats, mainly mangroves and seagrasses, in the tropical and subtropical regions of the American continent. The network had its inception following the success of the Mangrove Restoration Workshop held October 2021 on The Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire.

One of the outcomes of this workshop was the interest in forming a regional network to continue developing and expanding the networking, learning and collaboration opportunities for the socioecological restoration of blue carbon habitats in the region.


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With this in mind, funding was secured at the University of Costa Rica, through the Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología (CIMAR), to develop a network on the topic focused on the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Tropical Pacific regions. The network was initially and briefly titled “Regional network on restoration of tropical blue carbon habitats (mangroves and seagrasses) in the Caribbean, Eastern Tropical Pacific and Gulf of Mexico” (ResTropNet).The initial network consisted of seagrass and mangrove specialists that have been working in these habitats, with blue carbon and on ecological restoration projects in these regions. It was composed of 26 researchers and practitioners from the UCR and 16 organizations working on the topic from Costa Rica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the United States, and multiple Caribbean Islands. The network included collaborators from academia, non-government organizations and government institutions focused on the environment. The UCR has provided support to the network August 2022 to August 2024 time period, in which the network set out the aims to: consolidate and develop a website, carry out webinars on the topic, organize a training course and an international workshop, and publish the proceedings of the workshop in an internationally peer-reviewed journal. The network has since grown at a rapid pace and has been renamed as the “Tropical Restoration Network” (TRN).

Please have a look around the website, which showcases the different restoration projects on mangroves and seagrasses in the region and feel free to contact us and join the TRN network to continue learning and collaborating on the topic in these regions and beyond…